Today's news story follows up on the release of the New York Times besteller "Breath," an engaging book about the power of healing through the breath, reviewed in our last news article.

Body of Wonder Podcast is produced by the world renowned Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Andrew Weil M.D. and in this latest podcast he interviews James Nestor, author of "Breath." There are short, effective breathing techniques that are shared in the interview along with some of the strong research linking how we breath to our overall health.

Several Health Practitioners in Saskatoon have studied through the Andrew Weil Centre for Integrative Medicine in Arizona including Dr. DeeDee Maltman, owner of the whole food, gluten and nut free cafe, Leyda's on 20th Street. 

Don't miss this podcast and feel free to explore the many other informative episodes (15 in total) available in the Body of Wonder series. Then head out for dine-in or take-out at Leyda's. You'll be doubly healthy for it.

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