We are excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the BHC team, Eleanor Baldwin.

Eleanor is a Registered Massage Therapist and Rapid NeuroFascial Reset Practitioner. Since 2015 she has been helping people get out of pain and transforming how they feel in their bodies as a Restorative Exercise Specialist. In 2017 she started massage therapy training to bring additional support to her clients.

Massage quickly became her main passion. While she still offers exercise and recommends it for lasting change, nothing brings immediate pain relief, mood elevation, and calm like massage.

In 2019 Eleanor certified in Rapid NeuroFascial Reset Upper and Lower body, a modality that effectively treats stubborn painful conditions and injuries.

Outside of work Eleanor enjoys exploring all the unique small businesses and boutiques in Saskatoon and would love to be the Saskatchewanderer one year.

Rapid NeuroFascial Reset (NFR) is a manual therapy technique that uses direct pressure from the therapist combined with specific movement from the client. This stimulates the nervous system to heal injury and painful conditions.

NFR addresses injuries such as strains, sprains, scar tissue (after 6 weeks), bruising, and fracture (after 6 weeks).

Conditions such as sciatica, TMJ disorder, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, bunions, arthritis, whiplash, & many others can be helped with NFR.

A few things about Rapid NFR:

  • Rapid is done over comfortable clothing.

  • Rapid combines a lot of assessment and reassessment of joints, ligaments, fascia, tendons and restrictions under the skin as well as treatment.

  • Rapid is not particularly comfortable and is sometimes painful.

  • Rapid is an extremely effective treatment option for chronic pain and inflammation.

  • Rapid can be combined with massage.

To book a session with Eleanor click on the link provided in the title page of this news post.

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